Bovine hides
New Zealand / Scandinavia (Finland and Sweden)

Our main activity concentrates on hides from New Zealand.
Since 40 years we offer a wide range of New Zealand cow,
heifer, ox and bull hides from wetsalted hides thru to crust
leather for shoe, garment, accessories and upholstery.

Apart of New Zealand we offer high quality wetsalted bovine
hides from Northern Europe (Finland and Sweden) and hides
from Iraq.

•  Wetsalted hides
   New Zealand
   Scandinavia (Finland and Sweden)

•  Wetblue hides / grains
   New Zealand

•  Wetblue dropsplits
   New Zealand

•  Crust / semifinished leather
   New Zealand (footwear, upholstery, garment, accessories)

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